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company news about More Professional Football Clubs Use Artificial Turf Fields

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Company News
More Professional Football Clubs Use Artificial Turf Fields
Latest company news about More Professional Football Clubs Use Artificial Turf Fields

As the Chinese Super League is getting more and more popular in China, more attention has gradually been paid to the Super League game, and it has built up a passion for football. The venue is often in short supply and cannot meet the needs of the football lovers. Although the Chinese Super League has received much attention, it is often the object of being ridiculed by fans as the top league venue in China rotten vegetable land, small stone field, etc. The higher-level northern areas are even dissatisfied by the Chinese Super League players and coaches, which not only affect the game's effect, but also damage the image of the players. Many fans have called for artificial grass to replace natural grass.

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In fact, the top leagues rarely use artificial turf as a playground, but why artificial turf is still used in many places? Not only the clubs in the northern region use artificial turf, more than 80% of the Russian League venues use artificial turf. Firstly, climate. This is an uncontrollable factor. The temperature in Russia is generally low, and it is not suitable for the growth of natural turf. The competition time of the Russian Super League is from March to November. Most of the time, the temperature is below tens of degrees. It is extremely unfavorable for natural grass growth. Therefore, the Russian Super League venue uses artificial turf, including the Luzhniki Stadium in the 2018 World Cup finals.

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Secondly, cost. The prices of artificial turf are different according to different parameters. It is basically 20~200 RMB/ square meter, the general standard 11 people area is about 8000 square meters. According to 100 RMB / square meter, the total cost is about 800,000RMB. The use of natural turf is less expensive than artificial turf, but the maintenance cost is quiet different. The cost of turf maintenance for the five major league venues has reached 3 to 5 million euros a year, including labor costs, turf repair and replanting. Artificial turf has almost no maintenance costs, and the life cycle can reach more than 5 years. This is a huge expense for small clubs, 300x5 = 15 million euros (equal to 110 million RMB). This is why the maintenance of natural grass is a bottomless pit.

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Sunny Grass Co., Ltd was established in 1992, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of artificial turf. At Sunny Grass, we work with artificial turf products every day. Contact us so we can go over options with you. Together, we will come up with the best solution for you. Your field will be durable and look amazing for years to come.

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